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About Diamonds & Pearls


The Story of how Diamonds and Pearls was born…

Lightning Strikes

The storm seemed to surround us that early summer evening. As it approached, the vibrations of the rumbling grew from something I could hear to something I could feel. I put the book I was reading down and sat up on my bed. I was now paying attention. The girls were Zombies, playing on their screens in the living room, missing what was happening. They only took notice when a few moments later, I ran past them, my breath quickening, my energy on state of alert.

“Mom, what happened?” They all asked.

“There’s a major storm happening.” A few miles to the north, blackness – so thick so dark so intense – was eating away at the light feathery sky above our heads – so fast and so furious. From the back door facing east I found the same black sky closing in from all sides. I ran from front to back as it came over us, watching lightning bolts charge Long Island’s south shore. “Girls, girls,” I yelled at excitedly, look at all the lightning bolts! This is incredible.”

The idea that it might be dangerous did not enter my mind – I was being pulled like a magnet – so I opened the door at the same moment the building, just 100 feet across from me, was hit by lightning. In a matter of half a second, a skinny blue electrical current zapped a pole, let off a spark, a loud pop, a small explosion and a pouf of smoke before hopping across the street to do the same to the adjacent building. I wasn’t hit, but I was definitely electrified. The girls and I all started screaming and when the lights flickered and shut off they started crying in fear. Even while they closed their eyes and covered their ears, they were witness to the bright flashes of lights precede loud booming thunder.

It was frightening. I was in awe. I was humbled, as always, by the power of nature. “Girls, do NOT ever go outside in a lightning storm.” I yelled at myself.

All three of my girls turned to prayer and it pleased me to see them find their calm. Eventually, we were all sitting in the dark, breathing through our fear, thankfully dissipating by the minute as the storm moved past us leaving us in the peace of the immediate aftermath. While we played shadows on the ceiling in the dark that night, I felt different. (I felt an energy I am familiar with.)

G*d. I felt G*d. I heard G*d. And G*d said:

“Start with a blog.”


So, like, here it is! Diamonds and Pearls. A Divinely-Inspired, Magical-Realist, Multi-Sensory Non-Fiction blog based in and on real-time. Welcome to my site! Cue the music…

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